Courtney Simpson (born September 5, 1985 in Mesa, Arizona)

Simpson grew up in a conservative Mormon household in Mesa.
After graduating from high school, she attended Arizona State where her attempts to blend in with the student life (dating and college parties) led to clashes with her parents.
These clashes led to her parents removing their financial support, which in turn led to Simpson starting to work to pay her own bills.
She saw a advertisement in a newspaper for nude modelling, and a few days after replying she filmed her first segment for an unnamed web site.

Best known for having been kicked off of the Arizona State University cheerleading team and subsequently making an adult film, Gina's Double Dutch, while wearing her college uniform.
On December 2, 2005, The Arizona Republic reported that Simpson, who was an Arizona State cheerleader on the 2004-2005 squad was kicked off of the team in the spring of 2005 for undisclosed violations, before she began her career in the adult industry.
However, Simpson herself says that she was never kicked off the squad, but instead she claimed that she "couldn't go to [cheerleader] camp with the team as my mom had found out I got drunk or something and she was scared for me to go to camp with them".
It was reported that Arizona State University officials are looking into any legal claims they might have in relation to a "trademarks and intellectual property" for the use of the Arizona State uniform.
However, Simpson has said that that the film's producer, Gina Lynn, ultimately decided to change the uniform's appearance on the video's box cover so the initials said "USA" and not "ASU", and also to blur out the uniform during the time she wears it on-screen.